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Amalgam Collection Spotlight

Who are Amalgam Collection?

Amalgam Collection are makers of the world's most accurate scale model cars for the most iconic car manufacturers, F1 teams and discerning individuals throughout the world. Their models range from 1:18 to 1:4 scale and around £500 to well in excess of £50,000. Each model is created from '000s of individual parts to achieve an astonishing level of detail. Visit their website here.

The Brief

Amalgam Collection came to me with a requirement to produce images for every colour, wheel, calliper and interior combination available in the Ferrari range in order to build a website based Ferrari Configurator. This would enable Ferrari owners the same level of choice available on the Ferrari website to configure a scale model to match their own car.

All car images used on this page are Copyright Amalgam Collection

bg1 Wheels Pointers

I was supplied with three initial images of a red car (2 exterior + 1 interior) and asked to produce all of the remaining colours. These had to be accurate to the official colour swatches including metallic finishes.


The configurator above is my own interpretation of a configurator but uses the side view images and wheels from one of the sets produced for the Ferrari 488. Collaboration was entirely remote after the first day and all artwork was transferred online.

Use the dropdown menus in the image to change the car's appearance

The Brief

Mask cars and replace shadows for over 150 images for placement onto a white background.

Grid of Cars
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