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Below is a small selection of my recent work across across a broad range of deliverables in both design for screen and print. Everything you see is bespoke. There are no downloaded templates or hard to use Admin systems here. All websites are from the ground up and responsive and built with web standards compliant HTML and CSS. I take the time to understand your business, customers and future goals before any design work begins so you get a design solution that works for you.

Web & Digital Design

Previous Project Bespoke Website and CMS

Dog Walkers UK

Dog Walkers UK had a website that was conceived before most visitors were viewing websites on mobile devices. It was also built on Wordpress which has a content management system most site owners find very difficult to use. For these two reasons it was essential going forward to address these issues with a bespoke website and CMS (Content Management System).
The company has a very friendly, welcoming and approachable image. Dogs are seen as guests and receive the greatest care and attention. This is reflected in the new design with humour and imagery that shows happy guests in essentially, a home from home.

In Production Bespoke Website and Branding

Corinium Health and Beauty Spa

Corinium have been a client for many years and recently a redesign of their website has been long overdue. Monthly Google Analytics data has shown a significant swing to mobile devices being the most common way to access their website. This has presented the perfect opportunity to improve their brand with a more consistent look across all touch points.
At the centre of this was a new logo. Previously there was only a wordmark which was getting lost when presented in the context of a leaflet. Nothing stood out to help with brand recognition as something to build on. I created a new logomark with a Greek mosaic feel coupled with a font with a luxury brand feel.
Once the new logo was established I started to work on a stylescape to reflect the brand attributes. Since the spa is town centre based and didn't have the benefit of a particularly photogenic building or setting. I decided to focus the tone of the website on 'the way the treatments make you feel'. Corinium: An overall feeling of calm and relaxation with a palette inspired by a Mediterranean sunset.

Previous Projects Interactive

Artefact IT - Educational Interactives

Artefact IT are a Platinum Remi-award winning producer of interactive content for groups, societies and museums. They create documentaries and interactives to record and promote their heritage for future generations, making it accessible to all.
They have been a client since 2009 and over that time we have worked on many exciting projects together, some of which can be seen above.

Previous Project Amalgam Collection Image Editing

Amalgam Collection - Image Editing

Amalgam Collection build the world's finest model cars that can be considered alongside makers of fine watches such as Richard Mille. Their models are created using CAD data supplied by the car manufacturers alongside hundreds of photographs so they can fully understand and replicate the textures and finishes. From photographs it's often impossible to discern the model from the original. With this level of realism it is essential to have the best quality photography to show the models to their full potential.
Amalgam Collection have benefitted from my advanced level of knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to finish the images to the highest possible standard. Tasks include dust, scratch and finger print removal, focus stacking, colour correction, background removal and the creation of model variants for their Ferrari Configurator requiring pixel perfect alignment and colours that match exactly the official Ferrari colour options list. Use the dropdown menus above to configure your Ferrari.

Logos and Branding

In Production Logo, Branding and Website


Powerclean came to me looking for a rebrand. The existing design was too busy and fell into the trap of trying to make everything stand out at once. No whitespace, too many colours and competing fonts meant there was no visual hierarchy and the message was lost in the clutter.
After a discovery session with the client a clear picture of the requirements was established. I then spent time researching and sketching to generate ideas for the logo. This process enables the me to move past the obvious solutions and find those which are more visually appealing and unique.
The chosen design replaced the cartoon character they had before with a modern interpretation. The forward slant of the character along with the italic bold font conveys power and the blue/thinner font contrasts and suggests water and cleaned. The shade of green chosen represents moss.
For the van we removed anything that wasn't important to the design and created a visually simple, professional and clean design with a clear message.

Previous Project Logo, Branding and Website

Qooxdoo Javascript Framework

Qooxdoo (pronounced ['kuksdu:]) is an open source Javascript framework for building enterprise level applications for both mobile and desktop devices.
With the upcoming release of version 6, the core development team wanted to re-brand Qooxdoo to let users know that the platform was alive and kicking and constantly being supported. As part of the re-brand it was also necessary to update their website with a fresh new look which highlighted the key features. I created a range of isometric illustrations to support each feature as well as a design and colour palette to run across all areas of the website.
The image above shows the final logo, some of the more than 100 sketches produced to arrive at the final logo and words obtained from our discovery session to describe the brand's personality.
One of the challenges was to find a design that the entire team could get behind. This was achieved by involving them all in the process of iteration and showing them the considered steps and thought process involved in arriving at each solution. It was also paramount to find out the required touch points and produce mock ups showing the logo in use, on different colour backgrounds and at small sizes.
The finished logo uses the represents the letters 'Q' and 'X', curly braces and brackets used in Javascript and in the negative space the face of a developer.

Previous Project Logo, Branding and Website

Fieldhouse Kitchens and Bathrooms

Fieldhouse came to me in 2017 looking for a new website. We discussed their business and requirements for the look and feel of the website. On their wish list of improvements was that the website was responsive and they wanted to easily be able to update the content themselves.
They were concerned that although the had a high quality product, the website shouldn't portray them as an expensive, premium manufacturer thus alienating them from potential local customers. This was achieved with the information hierarchy of the home page. Premium quality images with the message of an affordable product.
I created a bespoke admin system that would be possible to use without any training. This is important because websites tend to be updated monthly or less rather than weekly so any training required would likely be forgotten at each login.

Design for Print

Previous Project Product Catalogue and CMS


IEWC has 30 locations in 11 countries. Their UK operation approached me to create an EMEA catalogue containing 600 products from 8 manufacturers. That meant 8 different manufacturer catalogues to extract product information from. Each manufacturer used varying terminology and layout which caused an issue with making the data consistent across the new catalogue.
To solve this problem I designed a data entry system and database with rules and colour codes to enforce consistency. I tested the system against each catalogue to be sure it worked for all products before designing the database schema and UI. As there was so much information to deal with the system also had to be easy to learn and capable of accepting input simultaneously from multiple users.
Once complete this data had to be extracted and placed into InDesign. I used third party software to link InDesign directly to the database and wrote SQL queries for extracting the data for each product. The result can be seen above.

Previous Project Event Brochure

Association of Association Executives Event Brochure

The AAE is a London based membership company with 21,000 members and subscribers located in Europe, Africa, India and other countries. Since 2016 I have been designing a wide range of deliverables for upcoming global and UK events. These include brochures, prospectuses, flyers, posters, exhibition graphics, online banners, social media headers, slide masters, infographics, signage, icons and badges.
Above is a spread created for the Antwerp prospectus. This event was held at The Flanders Meeting and Convention Centre in the heart of Antwerp Zoo, Belgium.

Previous Project Exhibition Panel

Famatel UK Exhibition Panel

Famatel are a Spanish company which manufactures a wide range of industrial and domestic electrical plugs, switches and sockets. They have a presence in 35 countries served by 2 manufacturing facilities totalling 12,000m2.
I have been the designer for their UK operation since 2014 and have been applying their corporate brand guidelines to everything they release including leaflets, price list, stationery, exhibition panels and more. In addition to this I also take care of their product photography, image editing and website.


These are some of the services I offer across design for screen and print.

If you have a challenge for me then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Who is Adam?

I'm Adam Warrick Bowyer, a Freelance Senior Digital and Graphic Designer based in the West Country. Freelance since 1998, I have a mountain of experience working directly for businesses of all sizes from sole traders to globally recognised names. My design processes are based on solid research, exploration of possibilities, refinement, delivery and support.
One thing I will never do is stop learning. I keep a close eye on current design trends, code, software, hardware and working practice developments to make sure my skills are current. Additionally I'm always happy to step out of my comfort zone and explore something new.
I love the visual problem solving and communication involved in graphic and digital design so I'm always looking for new ways to solve creative briefs. Currently I'm exploring UX and UI design processes, digital painting, macro photography and cartooning.

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